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Fitness Paddles
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Will be doing a fitness paddle tomorrow, May 5.

See original thread for details, or email.


Mike Fliehr

I will be starting up my weekend sunrise fitness paddles this weekend.

I usually do about 5 miles at cruise pace (4-4.5 mph)

Paddles start at 6:30 & end about 8 am.

I plan on paddling both days, every weekend, weather permitting.

My default is launching from the landing on Wissota, opposite where the View used to be. I am open to other areas, depending on the people involved & their preferences.

If you want to join, a confirmation email will be appreciated.

Please make sure you take precautions to paddle safely on cold water.

This is not a club event, so much as friends getting together for some exercise & improving their technique & endurance.

Hope to see you on the water!

Mike F
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