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Apostle Islands Intermediate
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Thank-you, Peter.
Much as I would love to go, I think my endurance is not there this year. Next year I will have time to prepare with longer training paddles.
Hi Jan, 
On the intermediate trip we will be camping on the islands.  It is likely that we will move from island to island.  The actual sites are not determined yet, as the number of participants\tents will determine if we need a group site.
Weather in August is typically calm.  Distances are are about 10-12 miles.  I try to paddle consistently at 3 knots. 

Little Sand Bay to Oak is about 8 miles
Little Sand Bay to Manitou is about 12 miles
Red Cliff to Stockton is about 12 miles
Red Cliff to Cat is 15 miles

Hope this helps,

Hi Peter,
Are you kayak camping or doing day trips?
What distance do you anticipate assuming relatively calm seas and wind? Just an educated guess; I know we can't assume any such thing.
We are making final plans for the Intermediate Trip.  If you are interested in participating please let me know asap.  We want to determine if we need a group site, single site, or two single sites.
See you on the water,
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